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5 Healthy Currykit Meal Prep Ideas

Updated: May 21, 2021

We’re all too familiar with the traditional protein, veg and stodge meal preps. The typical chicken, rice and vegetables seemed appealing after Christmas indulgences back in January, but now you’re ready for something fresh, flavoursome and, quite frankly, more satisfying. We’ve got just the thing to help you liven up that lunch box with 5 delicious meal prep ideas using Desi Curry Kits. The great thing about these recipes is that our curries are gluten free, vegan, low calorie and low carb but still full of rich Indian flavours. Keep on reading for some tasty meal prep inspiration…short links below to jump to suggestions:

Butternut squash Korma soup

Soup is so versatile and it’s easy to keep warm in a flask on a busy day where you may not be able to reheat it! To make this recipe, all you need is some butternut squash, greek yoghurt and our delicious Korma curry kit. That’s it! If you want to boost the protein, you can also add some cooked lentils and silken tofu for a more substantial meal that meets your fitness goals.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

In this delicious recipe we have used sweet potato, cauliflower and chickpeas. Cauliflower especially pairs so well with curry spices! It’s very quick and easy to make and perfect for getting more veggies into your diet. You can pair it with rice, eat it on top of a naan bread or simply on its own with a cooling dollop of Greek yoghurt.

Bhuna wraps with mango chutney

Wraps and sandwiches are always winners for meal prep and this bhuna wrap takes them to the next level! It’s no longer your typical chicken salad wrap. Adding Asian style naked slaw, mango chutney and, of course, bhuna spices provides a tasty and refreshing flavour. You can keep these in the fridge for up to 4 days and simply wrap them in foil to eat on the go. For a vegan option, swap the chicken for tofu or veggie alternative and use vegan mayo.

Lean & green Saag with Halloumi

A modern twist on the curry house classic, Saag paneer, this curry packs an incredible amount of leafy greens! They pair so well with the peppery flavours of Saag and the grilled halloumi on the side adds that little bit of indulgence. Perfect for a light and tasty lunch or dinner.

Tofu & lentil Tikka bowl with raita dressing

If you’re looking for high protein meals, while cutting down on your meat consumption, this meal prep idea is for you! We recommend coating your tofu in cornflour and lightly frying it to get that golden, crispy coating before adding curry. Pair it with puy lentils that add more protein along with some chopped cucumber and tomatoes. Finally, add a simple Raita dressing with Greek yoghurt, lime juice, garlic and ginger to top off this refreshing and nutritious dish that will keep you powering on throughout the day.

If these recipes have got you inspired, head over to our shop and purchase some of our delicious desi curry spicekits today. We've got a 20% off offer but hurry as the offer is only valid until 31st May 2021. Use the code VEG20 at checkout.

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