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Updated: May 21, 2021

We're bringing you some inspired uses of our healthy currykits. You can swap any of the ingredients for meat, fish or alternative proteins. All delicious and good for you. We hope you agree that they are as delicious and they are also naturally gluten free too. There is no flour in our curry bases.

In this video, we created a delicious mushroom korma using the Desi Korma Currykit. A mild curry, this is ideal for you if you don't like a curry that packs much too much of a spicy heat punch but you do like to enjoy the taste of a delicious spice blend. In each of our spicekits boxes, you'll find a sachet of ready mixed spices, so you don't need to worry about measuring out or whether you have everything that you need. We've also prepared the base mix (all gluten free) so there is no need to chop the onions, peel the garlic or grate any ginger. All you need to think about is what you want to pair it with.

This video contains a recipe suggestions which is suitable for a vegan / vegetarian diet. Other vegetable accompaniments that work well with the Desi Korma spicekit include beetroot for a colourful ruby beetroot curry; pumpkin and butternut squash or aubergine with sweet potato.

Our currykits also work well with meat or fish. This thick and creamy currykit pairs well with chicken, or pork and for something a bit different try cooking king sized prawns and baked monkfish tails. However you like your curry, you can definitely make it your own way!

Before you tuck in, take a photo and share your dishes with us, using #seemydesi and tag us in your post. (You can share your photo after you've finished your dinner if you'd like!)

We're passionate about our delicious currykits and creating healthy alternative meals. These are great to take on a staycation, camping trip, visit to the holiday home, caravan park or when you've been off out and about eventing. Whether you are cooking for one, or the family, you'll find plenty of tasty ways to use our currykits. Head over to the blog here to check out some of our other tasty recipes and find out what's cooking at Desi.

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