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Local food for that good mood

What’s better than the good mood we get from sourcing local food that’s actually healthy for us? Desi healthy curry is a local, UK-based and family run business with a mission to make nutritious foods easy and accessible to families and individuals across the country. Whether that means sticking to your fitness-friendly diet, or simply incorporating more veg into your meals through flavourful spices, we have the options to suit everybody.

Supporting a community

Through our travels, our family fell in love with authentic Indian cooking, and we wanted to share it with others. We didn’t forget the roots of this obsession and are proud to be one of few companies that use entirely Indian-grown ingredients. This allows us to give back and support the local community based in Nashik, India.

Healthy curry packs for everyone

Supporting the growing demand for nutritious food in the UK, we are providing curry packs that take under 30 minutes to make! Our packs include sauté onion, which is often the most time-consuming part of a curry. No more chopping or peeling! We also supply garlic and ginger paste, and a spice kit to flavour your meal. So, the base ingredients are low fat, low calorie and healthy, but the best part? What you put in your curry is up to you. You can go indulgent and add some delicious naan, chips and other sides and make your curry sauce with coconut milk. This is still better, cheaper and more flavourful than any takeaway! Or, keep it healthy with lots of vegetables, lean protein and pulses.

Whichever route you choose to go down, we make it affordable, accessible, and quick. Our kits are a great way to introduce your children to home cooking, due to less chopping and cooking time required, which makes it fun and engaging.

Image of a range of curries laid out on a table
Create your own delicious curry recipes

Supporting a local food business

At Desi, we are passionate about family values. Teaching your children healthy habits, enjoying the benefits of sharing a delicious meal together are at the heart of our local small business. Each decision within our business focuses on sustainability, accessibility, and nutrition, so every time you buy one of our curry packs you help us on our mission. We also love to collaborate with charities, and we recently donated 1200 of our curry kits to homelessness charities in a bid to feed those in need with warm and nutritious foods.

We hope you join us! Try our curry kits in five of the nation’s favourites – Tikka, Saag, Jalfrezi, Bhuna and Korma. Dispatched from the UK, from our family to yours.

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