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Tasty healthy curry packs that hit the spot

In light of the recent pandemic, coupled with growing awareness on social, environmental and health issues, we are becoming more conscious of our lifestyle choices. Consumers are demanding supermarkets and food suppliers to do better. We have made our healthy curry packs to meet those demands, so let’s look at the current emerging food trends other manufacturers should follow…

People selecting healthy vegetables at a supermarket
Consumers are demanding that supermarkets and food suppliers do better


Of course, most companies producing food that is deemed ‘unhealthy’, by law, are not allowed to explicitly say their meals are ‘good for you’. But through clever marketing, they can sell the idea that their products are healthy. Using buzzwords like ‘free range’, ‘fat free’, ‘multigrain’, ‘high protein’ and more they can convince buyers that they’re making good choices.

This has worked for decades, however, with free information available to most of us just a quick Google search away, we are starting to recognise these marketing tricks and ask for more transparency. Traffic light system is a great start, but we are also becoming aware that ‘zero fat’, ‘sugar free’ and other descriptors don’t equal a healthy diet.

Consumers are looking for simple, healthy, and real ingredients that provide actual nutrition to sustain our health and longevity. We also love to see t

he move to ban adverts for unhealthy foods until 9pm. It’s less about demonising those foods and more about recognising that they can subconsciously encourage us to eat unhealthily and have a particularly adverse impact on children’s food choices. Many of our eating habits are formed in childhood and it’s best to teach your children to love and enjoy healthy, nutritional food. This will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Supporting local small business

During the pandemic, we saw many small businesses struggle, while huge corporations seemed to thrive, causing many of us to rethink our buying choices. Not to mention, we are collectively becoming more aware of the impacts of climate change, and so are conscious of our carbon footprint. Buying from local small business supports our economy and cuts down the mileage of our food, too.

We are starting to prioritise quality over quantity. Sure, there is plenty of fast, on-demand food available, but when we take into consideration their unethical practices and long-term impacts on our health, the cost of cheap convenience food becomes too high. Small businesses tend to be more environmentally conscious and transparent, which makes consumers more inclined to support them. We vote with our money, and we now want to see that money supporting the causes we are passionate about.

Image of our 5 curry pack flavours
Desi Curry Packs are healthy and naturally gluten free

Nutritional value

Although many of our schools don’t provide adequate education on nutrition, we now have an endless online library of nutrition science available at our fingertips. So, it’s less about the buzzwords we mentioned earlier and more about actual nutritional value in our foods.

That is why, our healthy curry packs are not only macronutrient friendly, but also full of micronutrients. We use natural ingredients like sautee onion, garlic and ginger paste and authentic Indian spices that are great for boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation. Our curry packs are low fat, low calorie, low sugar, vegan and gluten free – but you can make the curry that suits your health and nutritional needs. Keep it vegan and low fat with chopped tomatoes, pulses, and veggies. Or, you can add some healthy fats in the form of yoghurt, fatty fish or try topping your curry with some avocado. Bottom line is, we’ve given you a healthy and nutritious start to tailor your meals to suit your requirements.

Our mission is to give you all the tools to make healthy meals quick, easy and accessible. Desi curry packs are flavourful, ready in under 30 minutes and suitable for the whole family. Try our delicious and popular flavours, including Tikka, Korma, Jalfrezi, Saag and Bhuna. You can buy your curry packs here.

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